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Weirdest, most embarrassing, freaky orgasm faces ever!!

IMPORTANT NOTICE : Please read instructions before use of any orgasm face

freaky orgasm faces
 ''Satan orgasm'' is the hardest of them all to achieve, but once it has been achieved all other orgasms do not compare.
My collection of the weirdest, most embarrassing, freaky orgasm faces I found on adult websites and pornos.  Yes, freak orgasms do happen. In pornos and of course in real life! If you are unlucky enough then it will be captured and used as gifs, pictures or video. We all have freaky orgasm faces one day or another and well sometimes they will end up on someone’s awesome blog (yes you guessed it, mine!)  I know because I've been through the freak face phase myself. Like I mentioned in a past article, I spent many hours in front of the mirror practicing because I realized that a hot and sexy orgasm face will get your partner even more excited and horny. This experienced I gained by practicing came in real handy when I started doing free webcam shows. I could give the person at the other end of his webcam a hell of a show because I know I looked good, it made me feel good about myself and confident which changes everything when you are trying to turn someone on. 

Hope you love it and don't forget to share my blog if you like what you see and read!

Weirdest freaky orgasm faces

The "Huge unicorn dick orgasm" is the ultimate in orgasms.  It can only be achieved by sexual relationships with a unicorn man and his magical horn. Warning: May cause extreme magical dependency.

freaky orgasm face picture
''Will orgasm for food'' is the i don't care who it is as long as its good orgasm. 

freaky orgasm face picture
''Fuck me tender orgasm'' is achieved when two people fuck until they can't fuck no more and orgasm out of exhaustion.  Warning : May experience intense burning for hours maybe even days,

freaky orgasm face picture
A ''possessed orgasm'' is when the spirit of sex takes over your body and soul for the time of the orgasm. Very hard to come out of this orgasm. Warning: Can last for hours. ( you can probably find one of these on deviantclip or punishtube!)

freaky orgasm face by ebony webcam model
''Oh bloody hell orgasm'' is achieved when cum shot is sent to head with frightening speed. Warning : May cause inflation of the lips

An ''Omg orgasm'' is an orgasm due to irregular upward shape of a partners sex organ urging you to yell in ultimate pleasure. 

Freaky orgasm faces

A ''What is that orgasm'' is usually reserved for beginners who have no clue what to expect and are totally surprised by orgasm.

The '' Omg wrong hole orgasm'' This orgasm face is achieved when the partner is behind and accidently drives his stick into the wrong hole. Warning : May cause addiction to anal sex.

The ''I’m going to get you orgasm'' is usually seen in men who want the woman to cum first but usually end up discharging before she is even half way there.

Freaky orgasm faces

This is the ‘’Please don’t hurt me orgasm’’ which is usually seen on first time sex faces. These are very common with beginners who do not know what to expect from their orgasm. Not to be confused with the ‘’What is that orgasm’’ .

Freaky orgasm faces

An ''I can't breathe orgasm'' is achieved with brutal physical effort and intense lack of breath while achieving orgasm. Warning: Can be extremely painful the next day and may cause eventual shortness of breath if practiced too often.

freaky o face
An ‘’ Oh god that’s good orgasm’’ is essentially an orgasm caused by extreme pleasure either self-induced or other.

The ``Rug burn orgasm’’ also called the ``face on the floor orgasm’’ is an extreme orgasm. Only do this if you are a professional and/or have the experience needed for this type of orgasm. Warning: may cause slight burning to the hands face and knees.

o face man

The ‘’that’s going to be a good orgasm’’ face is a simple orgasm and is mostly seen in men because of their amazing capacity to visualize what the orgasm will be like. Warning:  You may not have multiple orgasms with this face. You must try another for better results.

embarrassing face

A “Public Orgasm” is of course an orgasm face expressed in public for all eyes to behold.  Warning: May be caught on camera by friends, family members and others to post on facebook and on reddit.

orgasm face

An “Open wide” orgasm is when the mouth is as big as the hole that is being penetrated. This is mostly a reflex orgasm. It can also be interpreted as an invitation to a blow job. Warning: Can cause extreme pain and blockage of the jaw.
80's porno

The “80’s porno orgasm” This orgasm is unfortunately still seen today but is losing its importance in the orgasm world. What a relief for all future orgasms! Warning: May cause an erect penis to falter.

“Omg I drank too much” orgasm (also called the snoregasm) is defined as a very forgettable orgasm.  Usually occurs at the end of a party or after a long night of drinking. Most of the time, these orgasms fall into the cracks and are forgotten. Warning: This orgasm may be accompanied by stupid wacky situations and pictures. Please be careful what you orgasm for, or with ;)

The “I don’t care when and where” orgasm is mostly seen in nightclubs around the world and is self-induced 90% of the time. Can be carried out by the use of several wireless vibrating sex toys and/or fingers. Warning: batteries are mostly essential to the survival of this orgasm.

The "Cross eyed orgasm” can be very powerful is used correctly. Warning: Hits to the head are non-recommended while having this orgasm. Eyes can stay in this position infinitely if banged too hard.

The “Crazy Bitch orgasm” Warning: RUN!

The “Tear Jerker orgasm” is a very powerful and emotional orgasm. Usually obtained when the person orgasming is very emotional and sensitive.  Warning can be followed by extreme crying.

embarrassing orgasm face

The “In between orgasm” is an orgasm that falls between the “Tear Jerker orgasm” and the “Huge unicorn dick orgasm” I am still unclear as to the use of this orgasm. Will try it out in a little while and keep you posted.

The “curly toes orgasm” is a very common orgasm. This orgasm is rarer in males but very present in females. Warning may cause muscle spasms in the toes for a few hours.

The “Can’t stop orgasming orgasm” Is usually seen in females 35 and up. Once this orgasm has been achieved there is no turning back. Intense and endless orgasm, leaving you hungry for more. Warning: One is never enough!

The “Gag orgasm” is simple and yet very explicit.  The facial expression is essential in this orgasm. This is induced when an orgasm is so strong that the person’s immediate reflex is gagging. Only seen on experienced orgasmers. Warning: Might need a clean up if pushed too far.

The “4:20 orgasm” is an environmentally safe orgasm. It is achieved when a mixture of good sex and good smoke is completed. Warning: Not legal in most countries

There you have it. Worlds most complete list of the weirdest, most embarrassing, freaky orgasm faces ever! Are you a member of the freaky orgasm club?

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